Grants, Data &

Business Support

Arts Alive! supports the Creative Economy in many ways. Take advantage of our tools, including grants research, local sector data. Or participate in our business support programs, including fiscal sponsorship, our regional marketing program, and more.

Grants Research

Arts Alive! keeps a list of grant programs that may be appropriate for arts or creative placemaking projects. If you would like to submit an opportunity please send it to us!

You can also take a look at the registered charitable funds in the State of New Hampshire.

Creative Economy Data

If you are looking to apply for a grant, or make the case for investment in the arts, take a look at these resources. Specifically tailored to New Hampshire and the Monadnock region, you’ll find data on the economic and social impact of the arts here.

Arts & Economic Prosperity Study

Arts are generating important revenue for local businesses and driving revenue for other businesses in the community. Participate in the survey to get your organization and audience counted!

Arts Incubation & Fiscal Sponsorship


Arts Alive! offers incubation and fiscal sponsorship to groups seeking to start a nonprofit arts or culture oriented organization that is in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Arts Alive! also offers fiscal sponsorship to individual artists and one-time projects (see below for details)…

Arts & Culture Promotion


Arts Alive! encourages artists, arts & culture organizations, and creative economy businesses to engage in regional marketing initiatives to build the regions identity as a cultural and creative destination and place to live. We have worked with the Monadnock Travel Council, local Chambers of Commerce, and downtown groups to develop our Discover Monadnock program, and work on a regional brand statement.

Arts Alive! also shares opportunities to promote your business through our Cultural Tourism mailing list.

Additional Resources

The greater Keene and Monadnock region supports small business, entrepreneurs and startups - including those based in the Creative Industries. If you are looking for support, advice, education, resources, or facilities, take a look at some of our partner organizations websites.

More on Fiscal Sponsorship

Our Fiscal Sponsorship Program offers participants

  1. 501(c)3 status through fiscal sponsorship for collecting tax deductible donations

  2. Mailing address

  3. Quickbooks accounting with a professional bookkeeper & monthly financial reports

  4. 990 tax filing for all activities associated with fiscal sponsorship

  5. Some financial management services - deposits, bill pay (payroll processing available with an extra fee)

  6. Online and mail-in donation processing and official 501(c)3 donation acknowledgement quarterly

  7. Basic guidance on business name registration and nonprofit set-up

  8. Support on grant applications & reporting

  9. Arts Alive! Membership (discounts, business listing, cultural tourism promotion and arts opportunities email lists)

  10. Referrals & Mentoring, monthly or as needed

One-Time Projects  
Individual projects for public benefit presented at publicly accessible locations may be sponsored through Friends of Public Art, a fiscal sponsee of Arts Alive!.

Individual Artists

Currently we are only accepting filmmakers. An artist may seek fiscal sponsorship to raise tax deductible donations for a project in development. We may require artists to present that work in progress and share information about the development and creation of that work with the community at least twice each year for the term of fiscal sponsorship.


10% of income will be paid to Arts Alive! quarterly for these services. 

This fee does not apply to in kind contributions of time or materials.


There is an application process which includes interview, project proposal, presentation to the Finance Committee, and vote by the board of directors. Any fiscal sponsorship Arts Alive! initiates must comply with our guidelines and fall under our mission. Ongoing and consistent communications must be maintained throughout the fiscal sponsorship relationship. Once approved, a group must complete a checklist of tasks in order to begin receiving donations. The project or artist must do its own financial planning to ensure funds are available to cover expenses.

If you are interested in fiscal sponsorship please be in touch with Arts Alive! Executive Director Jessica Gelter for more information