Creativity Toolkit

In February of 2015, Arts Alive! hosted a community discussion on Creativity in the Workplace. The primary request on post-event surveys was that we build a toolkit to help businesses implement creativity in their work culture and practice.

In the summer of 2015, Arts Alive! hired an intern, Owen Coursin, earning his second masters at Antioch University New England, to develop the Creativity Toolkit - a booklet of exercises and projects that can be implemented at a business to boost creativity, in turn enhancing productivity, team building, retention, and creative problem solving.

This toolkit will be a great asset in Arts Alive!'s work to connect arts and businesses. It is a starting point, a prototype, and we look forward to where the Arts & Business Alliance and Arts Alive! can take the project next.

The Creativity Toolkit  helps businesses engage employees in problem solving, team building, and innovation by providing creative activities, and project templates. Activities are primarily used to get creative juices and open communication flowing at meetings, retreats, and trainings. Projects are intended for long-term implementation to build a creativity-boosting work environment - from enhancing the aesthetic of the workspace to building an employee community through shared cultural experiences. Click below to view the full toolkit.