Art Policy

From Plan to Policy: Creating a structure to integrate arts

Arts Alive! is working with Taryn Fisher, of Antioch University New England, to convene partners to develop an arts policy for the city of Keene. This will take the arts-related vision communicated in the city's master plan, and turn it into actionable policy and implementation.

This group will meet monthly, and in workgroups between monthly meetings to move the process forward.  Focus areas will include:

  1. Understand how the city currently supports the arts
  2. Look to other communities and sectors for model policies, including the "Complete Streets" policy
  3. Organize and collect current information on local artists, organizations, and public art from Arts Alive!, Friends of Public Art, Creative Ground, and other partners
  4. Organize and collect current economic impact data to make an argument for public investment

Arts Alive! envisions this policy to be a template which we will work with Southwest Regional Planning Commission and volunteers to distribute to other towns in the Monadnock region so that all of the town master plans that include the arts will now have a means to implement their creative community visions!

City of Keene Adopts Public Art Resolution 7/24/18

The City Council of the City of Keene voted on Tuesday to adopt a public art resolution that gives guidance and structure to the process of bringing in art to public spaces in the city. Read more in this article from the Keene Sentinel